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The PSB model is supported by senior schools throughout the UK. Pupils studying in Years 7 & 8 are expected to offer either a school's own entrance tests plus the PSB certificate, core ISEB examinations in English, Maths, Science and French plus the PSB certificate or just the certificate. 

Pupils studying in Years 5&6 have a similar range of options for entry and 11+.

To discover if the senior school you are considering accepts the PSB please contact the Communications Director who liaises with senior schools. 

We see this programme as a very positive step forward in Prep School education.
— Craig Considine (Millfield School, Somerset)
We endorse your desire for a rigorous and well-balanced academic curriculum and your vision of the PSB Learner. In addition, it should be useful to us to see the end of Year 8 pupil profile you propose in terms of assessing the development of our prospective pupils in all areas of school life.
— Dr John Cox (Royal Grammar School, Guildford)
We fully support the initiative taken and endorse your decision.
— Jenny Dwyer (Sherborne Girls School, Dorset)
We are very happy to endorse the Prep School Baccalaureate as a framework for entry to Malvern College and, indeed, to regard it as a stand-alone qualification for matriculation to us.
— Antony Clark (Malvern College)
We are happy in principle to support PSB
— Richard Harman
Senior schools like Marlborough are increasingly interested in the whole process of the balance between teaching and learning. This suits modern global syllabuses and the Prep School Baccalaureate is broad in its scope thereby leading to the prospect of a truly balanced education.
It is a very good initiative. I fully support it.
— Fergus Livingstone (Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire)
I am a big fan of the idea of a baccalaureate and therefore Shiplake will be enthusiastically supporting it.
— Gregg Davies (Shiplake College)
It is great to see so many schools getting involved with the Prep School Baccalaureate. We are very happy with the programmes that you are following (..) and would not ask for any additional assessment other than our basic English and Mathematics matriculation criteria.
— Patrick Derham