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Prospective Member Schools


The PSB is a programme of study for pupils in Prep and Junior schools, with exit points at 11+ and 13+, that aims to prepare them for the challenges of life as young adults in senior schools academically, personally, socially, culturally and spiritually. It does so by actively developing and tracking knowledge, skills and attitudes from the Early Years Foundation Stage onwards; by sharing resources and good practice, schools  ensure the strongest preparation for pupils whether moving on at 11+, 13+ or progressing through the junior department of a senior school.
The PSB is not a part of the International Baccalaureate Organisation, and it is not a commercial enterprise. It offers a framework for assessment to provide a more complete record of a pupil's achievement and is the result of collaboration between a number of leading UK preparatory schools.
The PSB provides a powerful vehicle for prep schools intent on rigorous, high academic standards coupled with a broad and balanced curriculum. It helps schools to promote actively vital skills in independent learning, in the appropriate use of technology, and in critical thinking. The PSB also promotes the development of leadership and team-working in pupils.
For senior schools the PSB provides an excellent means of assessment for pupils. The nature of PSB means that senior schools are able to make decisions about who they offer places to (subject to final results) before the June of Year 8 without recourse to pre-testing. It is a modern and progressive programme of study.

Schools interested in joining the PSB should contact the General Secretary, James Barnes. He will arrange a visit to your school to discuss the PSB and also put you in touch with PSB schools so you can visit and assess how the framework is implemented.

School can participate in curriculum meetings for a small fee, and attend conferences and Heads meetings by invitation.

Schools wishing to become members usually start as partners and develop the PSB inter school prior to running the course. Support is given by member schools and the General Secretary and once it is clear that they are in a position to run the course they can apply for full membership.

As a rule of thumb an excellent ISI report together with commitment from governors / proprietors is the starting position for membership. Once schools have a clear integration of core skills into schemes of work, a robust tutorial system and commitment to sharing good practice with other member schools they are usually in a position to start courses in Years 5 & 7 leading to certificates in Years 6 & 8.