PSB NEW 2016
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The PSB focuses on the progress that a child makes in different areas of learning, not just academic, and different skills that they have shown over a two-year course in years 7 and 8. Focusing on these things in all lessons, not just in tests, allows you to see the whole of the child’s progression. Tests focus on how much you know.


Today, you need social skills, leadership skills and teamwork skills. You need to be able to communicate well and listen to the needs of others.

The PSB provides you with the opportunity to learn and develop these skills. The PSB makes you think and question subjects, discuss them and listen to other people’s views.


The PSB is a good preparation at an early stage to demonstrate the things that make you stand out in other ways by teaching you skills and qualities you didn’t have before.


All the skills that the child has shown are counted up at the end of the PSB session, including extra-curricular activities and the teachers’ own assessments of the children. You also sit formal exams in the core subjects and together these things are a much fairer way of judging the children.